Thursday, August 28, 2014

PPPerfecto Clothing Review

PPPerfecto is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. The company is located in China, and they sell very unique clothing items. Their items can be found on, just search for the name PPPerfecto. OR you can click the PPPerfecto name at the bottom of my blog.

PPPerfecto was so nice enough to sponsor me with some of their clothing! I'm just so grateful they allowed me to try out their clothing items.

"Take Me Anywhere"Casual T-shirt Dress Top

Rating: 5/5

 I received this item within two weeks. I considered that fast for an item from China, since it would normally take a month to receive certain items. The item was wrapped nicely, and arrived with no strange smells or stains. In the description, it says that it fits a Western woman size XS-S. This shirt is more of a sized Large, which is fine with me because I like looser shirts. I am 5'8 and 125 pounds, and this tank top fits about 5 inches below my waist, so its not too short or too long. It would look best paired with short, jeans or black leggings. The shirt is great to wear during hot days. It is a thin cottony material, but it is great quality.The words read, "Take Me Anywhere." The sky on the shirt is absolute beautiful with white and pink clouds. The bottom portion displays beautiful mountains, and trees in the backgrounds. And a white car driving down the street. This shirt is super unique, and absolutely cute. 

My picture of the shirt.

Vintage Spring Summer Series Sleeveless Tank Tops

Rating: 5/5

This item is free size, so it can fit someone that wears from Small to Large. I am 5'8 and 125 pounds, and this tank top fits a little above my mid-thigh It would look best paired with shorts or black leggings. The top portion of the tank top is small and it goes out a little wider at the bottom. So, if you have an extremely larger bust size it might fit awkwardly at the top. The tank top does have a little stretch to it though. The tank top has beautiful pink, yellow and red flowers all over. The words read, "GET OVER IT." This tank is thin, but made of great material. It is great for extremely hot days. This top is very stylish and unique. I actually never seen a top similar to this at all. PPPerfecto has such unique clothing that hard to find elsewhere. This is a type of item I would wash in cold water or hand wash. I would either hand dry it or dry it on a lower setting. This item is at a great price, and definitely worth buying! Five stars from me!

I would like to thank my sponsor PPPerfecto again for sending me these super cute shirts to review. This item can be found on, under the name PPerfecto. There are many other clothing items to choose from. <3  Click the PPerfecto name at the bottom to view the store!

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